Classroom language: Class instructions

When teaching through English to non-native English speaker students, it may be useful to know the most common instructions you will have to use in the classroom and make your students acquainted with all of them. It is importat to use the right instructions and not literal or direct translation from Spanish, as these may not mean exactly the same, or not be so polite, so it may leads to misunderstandings.And, remember that one of the Cs of CLIL is Culture, so, as teachers, we must be careful that the language we use is in accordance with the language culture.
As an example, in a CLIL lesson, we should avoid the expression "shut up", as for a Brit this is a very impolite wat to refer to someone. Istead, we should use "settle down", "be quiet".
In the same line, instead of saying: "open the window (imperative)", a CLIL teacher should say: "could you please open the window? (kind question)"

If you happen to come up with any other instruction I have not included here, please do not hesistate to tell me, so as, I can create new poster useful for every one.

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